At Lowthorp Enterprises, we don’t just think about recruitment; we invest in retention and development. Our objective is to recognize talent, respect hard work and reward success.

We lead with integrity and are committed to attracting top talent from the broadest universe possible. We firmly believe that a diverse and inclusive workforce makes us better investors and a better firm.



Our employees are integral to the firm's culture of integrity, professionalism and excellence. Lowthorp Enterprises considers diversity to be a central tenet of what makes us a strong, versatile company.


Whether it is our own team, the partners we work with, or the startup founders we support, we know that representation matters. Embracing a breadth of backgrounds, experiences, identities and ideas is crucial to the collective success of the stories we tell and the businesses we fund. We seek to lead by example and look forward to working with partners who share and champion our central values of equal treatment, equal rights, and equal opportunity.


At Lowthorp Enterprises, we recognize that tackling bias, discrimination and harassment is a significant challenge that extends past our doors, and we will try to hold ourselves and those in our ecosystem to a higher standard of collegial respect and accountability.

Recruitment & Retention

We seek to be the employer of choice for the most talented and skilled in our industry. That requires us to seek people who may have historically been overlooked. 


We actively promote diversity and inclusion. We'e created grassroots internal networks to support and engage our employees as they build lasting relationships for every stage of their careers.


Lowthorp Enterprises is committed to providing equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment. Our policies cover all legally protected categories, including race, color, religion, gender, pregnancy, sexual orientation, military or veteran status, disability or any other class or status protected by law.

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