Resources for Remote Working and Operational Tactics For Startups

News and stress about the coronavirus from around the world is creating significant uncertainty among leaders, employees and customers alike. Beyond the CDC's common sense measures, we wanted to provide a list of operational resources to help you as you navigate new challenges and develop your own internal and external response and policies.

While there is never a playbook, we’re hoping the information below will help both take care of employees and support your organization’s ability to adapt to change by causing the least disruption in the long run.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions as we move together through this critical and confusing new era.


Resources For Parents & Remote Work

Working from home with kids around can present many challenges. Here are some tips for balancing work and childcare.

• Ideas for Teaching and Learning When Schools are Closed [The New York Times]

• Childcare Support App [Helpr App]

• Tips for Working from Home With Kids [HBR]

• Childcare Guide [Winnie]

• Tips for Working While Parenting [The New York Times]

• Coronavirus and Parenting FAQ [NPR]

Response Plans For Startups

All employers are concerned about what they should be doing to ensure the health and safety of their personnel. Here’s trusted guidance on what steps, strategies and policies HR teams should put in place.

• Employers Coronavirus Checklist [HR Examiner] 

• Proactive Steps for Employers to Take in COVID-19 Outbreak [Cooley]

• Lead Your Business Through Coronavirus [HBR]

• Coronavirus Overview for Startups [Elad Gil]

• CDC Business Guidance re. Coronavirus [CDC]

• Coronavirus Update: Employer Response, Contract Performance, and Public Company Disclosure Guidance [Fenwick and West]

• COVID-19 HR & People Ops Prep Doc [LifeLabs Learning]

• COVID-19 Essential Action Items for US Employers [Baker Mackenzie]

• Update from Colorado Startup Community [Bryan Leach, Ibotta]

Sample Company Plans

A select number of companies have made their internal communication plans available to the public. For those working on their own response plans, check out these examples.

• Handshake - FAQ/Response Plan + Internal Comms To-Date

• Coinbase - Coronavirus Plans

 • F/U article: 9 Tips from Coinbase: COVID-19 Communications (HR forHR)

• Front - “COVID-19 Health & Escalation Framework”

Remote Work Policies

In addition to consulting the CDCWHO, and OSHA websites for the latest on appropriate precautions, here’s advice for employers implementing remote work policies.

• Working Remotely with Slack [Slack]

• Remote Work and the Law [National Law Review]

• Legal Resources & Tools for Remote Work [SHRM]

• Amid Coronavirus Fears Shifting to Remote Work [Exqueo]

• Processes & Tools for Fellow Corona Dodgers [Super Evil Megacorp]

Remote Work Tools

There’s no shortage of remote work apps to help you stay connected and get things done efficiently. Make sure you have the right ones with these guides for working remotely.

• WFH Tips [Zoom]

• Top 8 Tools for Remote Working []

• Gitlab: Tools for Remote Work [Gitlab]

• Zapier's Guide to Working Remotely [Zapier]

• Free Tools for Remote Work []

• WFH Tools [USA Today]

• 18 Tools for Remote Teams [Groove]

• Distributed Work Playbooks [Google]

• Founder Advice/Insights on WFH via Twitter [Mitchell Hashimoto, Hashicorp] [Deidre Paknad, WorkBoard]

• Guide to Remote Meetings [Slack]

• Guide to Working Remotely in Slack [Slack]

• Central Hub for Remote Work Resources [Notion]

• Remote Work Resources [LinkedIn Learning]

• Ideas from The Atlantic for Working From Home [The Atlantic]

• Staying Positive and Productive in a Distributed Model [InVision]

• Remote Working Content [InVision]

• Running Effective Remote Events [InVision]

• The 2020 Complete Guide to Remote Work [Novorésumé]

Internal & External Communications Plans

Developing a corporate communications plan and responding appropriately with marketing efforts is key. Here are some considerations for your response.

• Handshake Internal Communications

• Coronavirus Response Plan, [Brunswick Group]

• How CMOs should prepare for the Coronavirus [Mass Technology Leadership Council]

Options For Hourly Employees

Here’s how tech companies are helping contractors and hourly workers who are not able to perform their responsibilities from home.

• Big Tech & Hourly Workers

• Microsoft Hourly Workers Policy

• Uber Policy for Drivers

Parenting & Covid-19

There’s no playbook for parents, but here are some tips on how to parent in the face of Coronavirus.

• Talking to Children About the Coronavirus [BrightHorizons]

• COVID-19 [BrightHorizons]

• Parenting Coronavirus Advice [HuffPost]

Teaching & Learning Resources

If you are seeking options for remote learning during school closures for your kids, check out these options.

• How to Use Khan Academy Kids for Remote Learning [Khan Academy]

• Khan Academy Kids [Khan Academy]

• Scholastic Learn at Home [Scholastic]

• Resources from []

Additional Resources

Check back here for new resources.

• Tips for Leaders Managing Remote Teams: WorkBoard

• Webinars: Gro Intelligence re. COVID-19 and State of Global Agriculture

Support and Discounted Services: People Tech Partners

• Virtual Conferences: Run the World

• Virtual Healthcare: Plushcare

• Zoom Conferencing: User Support

• Webinar: Value of Employee Communications During COVID-19 Outbreak

• Community Questions and Support: The Mighty

• Goodwin Law Resource Center

• Crowdsourced list of Covid-19 Resources: Amplify Talent

• 5 Ways Recruiting Teams are Adjusting: Mike Joyner, Growth by Design Talent

• Leadership Considerations during WFH: Deidre Paknad, WorkBoard

• Portal with Action Steps during Covid-19: While at Home

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